Stand challenges corporations and governments to treat people and the environment with respect, because our lives depend on it.

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Our Impact

  • 21 dirty oil pipelines & train projects delayed or stopped
  • 65 Million acres of forests protected from logging
  • $1 Billion in corporate purchasing shifted to more responsible sources

These incredible results are made possible with help from you. Help us in our efforts to protect our communities, climate and environment from the risks associated with outdated, climate-polluting energy. We are strongest when we stand together.


The Latest

  • What does Stand.earth stand for in the age of Trump?

    You may have noticed here at Stand.earth we’ve been talking a lot lately about issues that don't directly relate to our climate-based campaigns. From emails to Facebook posts and tweets, we’ve been sharing articles and analyses about all sorts of issues -- ranging from immigration to health care to LGBTQQIA2S+* to #BlackLivesMatter. There’s a reason for this.

    We're facing a severe human rights crisis.

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