Starbucks #BetterCup Baristas Wanted

From: A Concerned Starbucks Barista

Hi, fellow Starbucks partner! I’m a Starbucks barista and I can’t keep this secret any longer. And, I need your help. You probably want to sit down for this one, because it's a doozy.

You might have already noticed this in your own store but... you know those bins marked ‘recycle’ on them? The ones that fill up with our used white cups? Most people think that those cups get recycled but they’re wrong. In most places, paper Starbucks coffee cups aren’t recyclable! Shocking, right?

All day we watch our customers put their cups in the recycling bin thinking it’s fine, but I’m here to say -- most of those cups go straight to the landfill because of their low-density polyethylene plastic lining. A majority of recycling centers do not accept them. And, there are A LOT of cups. Like 4 billion per year. That's OVER 8,000 cups a minute!

I love being a barista and I love my regulars. But, Starbucks needlessly fills up landfills and cuts down trees for profit. I’m telling you this because I don’t think this story has to have a sad ending. I’m dedicated to organizing the campaign for a #bettercup from the inside.

Using this petition I created on, I’m going to recruit fellow Starbucks partners from around the world to pressure our company for a #bettercup. Are you with me? With petition tool and’s tech support, I’ll keep your identity protected. Sign up to be a #BetterCupBarista now.