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  • Mindfulness: It’s definitely not about navel gazing Blog Post

    As I was preparing for the webcast on Mindfulness for Activists’ Resilience with Rev. angel Kyodo williams I saw a Facebook post from a friend and fellow activist expressing fatigue with how mindfulness seems to be all the rage these days. Too much worry about “me,” he said, and not enough about “we”. Many people were agreeing in the comments.

    How timely!

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  • Five Key Lessons from the Immigrant and Refugee Rights Fight Blog Post

    Last week, we had the honor to host three leaders in the immigrant and refugee rights movement in a 90-minute webcast exploring the impact of Trump’s policies and rhetoric on immigrants, refugees, and Muslims, how activists are fighting back, and what allies can do.

    Here are five key lessons on fighting for immigrant and refugee rights from presenters Mark Silverman of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, Yasmine Taeb of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, and Emilio Vicente of United We Dream:

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  • Stand & Resist: Artists Protect the Salish Sea Blog Post

    Art—whether visual or performing—is a powerful tool for activism.

    Art connects us to each other, identifies common bonds that hold us together and articulates emotions deep within us. Art conveys feelings that cannot be expressed by just words. Art inspires us to take action and reminds us of what we truly care about and of what matters most.

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