Double Dipping Doug Ericksen takes taxpayers’ money without working for it

Washington State Senator and Trump EPA appointee Doug Ericksen has put himself and his wallet before his constituents time and time again. That’s why he’s earned the nickname Double Dipping Doug. And, it’s time for us to call him out.

Here’s the skinny on Double Dipping Doug:

Ericksen is taking paychecks for two jobs (being a Washington State Senator and Trump’s EPA communications appointee) but isn’t performing his duties in the Senate. As of today, he has missed 32 Senate Committee meetings since mid-January. This seems pretty unethical, no?

In 2014, a NPR/AP investigation singled Ericksen out for accepting thousands of dollars in gifts, meals, and trips from lobbyists. A few months after being caught, he was reported to have accepted another 51 free meals, trips and gifts! Talk about not learning your lesson. Or, maybe he just doesn’t care? 

Ericksen flagrantly broke a promise made at a press conference a few weeks ago by taking almost  $2,000 in per diems during a period when he has missed more that ¾ of the committee meetings. So. Not. Cool. 


The three WA State senate committees he serves on are among the least productive in the Senate in terms of bills passed. The Republican leadership needs his vote to break the tie in a 25-24 chamber but has had to delay votes until he can get back to town. In another case, the rush to get a bill to the floor while he was around may have contributed to an enormous math error in an education funding package. We don’t deserve this.

The Northwest Washington Central Labor Council caught him paying personal expenses and meals out of his campaign account. Whoa, dude. Not cool.

Double Dipping Doug has repeatedly been caught for double dipping and accepting gifts, meals, and trips from lobbyists but has never apologized or shown remorse. And, his track record suggests he’ll be a willing and active participant in an administration that runs the country by taking everything they can from the public for the benefit of their friends. That doesn’t sound like an accountable public servant to us, it sounds like a kleptocrat.

Washington State deserves senators who are focused on their job. The American people and the EPA deserve someone who doesn’t have an unethical history of self-dealing, deceit, and climate denial. 

So, can Doug Ericksen be trusted when he so clearly only cares about himself and the polluters who’ve bought him meals, trips, and gifts before the people?

Our answer: Nope. #DumpDoug.

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