BREAKING: Parker invented a recyclable cup for Starbucks!

I’m Parker. Some people call me a kid genius. But -- I really just like to invent things that make the world a better place.

Here’s the latest dispatch from my lab.

BREAKING: Parker invented a recyclable for Starbucks!

Everything in science starts with a question. For me, it’s how do we make the world a better place? Like -- why is Starbucks needlessly cutting down trees and filling up landfills with their cups when an alternative exists? Why is Starbucks ignoring paper cup alternatives? Why aren’t they giving their customers with more incentives to bring their own mugs?

Invention allows the world to advance, evolve, and grow. It’s a tough business but, boy, is it worth it. Think about how many trees would have vanished or how many landfills there’d be if recycled paper didn’t even exist! 

Don’t let me down. Share my video dispatch with your friends and help pressure Starbucks to do the right thing.