LINKED FATES: How California’s Oil Imports Affect the Future of the Amazon Rainforest
Thursday December 02, 2021

This new report reveals that California refineries, businesses, and consumers play an outsized role in using oil from one of the most biodiverse regions in the Amazon Basin.

Linked Fates shows in detail how California converts 50% of the Amazon oil exported globally into fuel for airports such as LAX, distributors such as, trucking fleets such as PepsiCo., and retail gas giants such as COSTCO. This research comes at a crucial time for Amazon. Ecuador’s President, Guillermo Lasso, recently announced plans to double the country's oil production and to auction in 2022 nearly 7 million acres (~3 million hectares) of mostly intact rainforest for new oil exploration.

Despite its progressive image and leaders, this research shows California consumes more oil from the Amazon than any other region in the world.

Read the press release: New Investigation Reveals California Fueling Amazon Oil Drilling

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