Resources for SAFE groups

Ready to make your community a SAFE place? 


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IF YOU'RE JUST GETTING GOING, START HERE –  Want to get to work building a SAFE community locally but don't know where to start?  Step 1 is to gather your people. 
FOR GROUPS READY TO ENGAGE MORE OF YOUR COMMUNITY –  How to grow your support. Also known as organizing.  How do you go from a few folks gathered in a livingroom to hundreds of people packing city hall chambers
FOR GROUPS IN THE US  –  This is your cheat sheet on local governance in the U.S. What kinds of local governments can pass SAFE rules? What are some land use and zoning basics? Find out here!
FOR GROUPS READY TO TALK WITH RULE-MAKERS –   How to talk to elected officials No matter how your group is speaking with people with rule-making power, there are guidelines and tactics that are important to use.
FOR GROUPS READY TO PLAN THEIR OWN DRAFT RULES –  These sample ordinances were created and passed in US counties.  The exact content and wording needed will be different in each place, but reading these should give you a good place to start.
FOR GROUPS READY TO SCALE UP COMMUNICATION  –  Want to reach your community online?