Examples of successful SAFE ordinances


These ordinances were created and passed in US cities and counties. 

The exact content and wording need to be right for each community, but reading these is a good place to start.

The full text of the #FossilFreeKC ordinance (KC stands for King County, Washington)

The full text of the Whatcom County temporary moratorium ordinance
(Here is the legal analysis that Cascadia Law Group did to support the Whatcom County effort.)

The Vancouver, British Columbia bylaw summary on banning coal shipping and storage. Here are the staff report and the staff presentation on this effort.

The full text of the Baltimore, MD ordinance prohibiting new or expanded crude oil terminals

The Tacoma, WA ordinance creating interim land use regulations (Tideflats Interim Regulations) limiting receipt and processing of permits for the Tacoma Tideflats area
(Here is the most recent extension of the Tideflats Interim Regulations.)

The full text of the Berkeley, CA ordinance prohibiting natural gas infrastructure in new buildings.

As a first step, your local government can pass resolutions that describe intent to pass SAFE policies, explore fair financing structures, and propose policies to help reach your community's climate action goals.