Using digital tools to build your power online


Want to grow and strengthen your SAFE community online?

We have cutting edge digital tools to share with your SAFE group and trainings and support to help you use them. These include tools to:

  • Create a sign up page for your group
  • Build and maintain your supporter list
  • Send emails to your group
  • Turn out people in big numbers to important rallies, meetings, and events
  • Share content on Facebook and Twitter
  • Help your supporters submit letters to the editor
  • Build a phonebank and text bank
  • Create online actions where people call, tweet at, email, or fax decision-makers

Some SAFE groups may already have digital tools they like, or groups may want to use some of the tools from and some of their own. Once you are signed up for SAFE, we'll talk about what you need in terms of tools, training, and support. If you haven't already signed up, check the SAFE map to see if others are already organizing in your area. If a group is already working on SAFE policies in your area you can sign up to join them via the map. You can also sign up to start your own group or get group you're working with involved here. Once you do that we’ll reach out by email to get you information on next steps.

We can't wait to help you build power in your community in order to phase out fossil fuels and pave the way for a clean energy future!