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Welcome to SAFE Cities – a growing movement of neighbors, local groups, and elected officials phasing out fossil fuels and fast-tracking clean energy solutions to ensure a just transition. 

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Types of SAFE policies:

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Types of SAFE communities:

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    Already dozens of cities and counties across the US – and several more around the globe! – have passed concrete policies to keep their communities SAFE from fossil fuels, build renewable energy infrastructure, and create good, long-term jobs. 

    The fossil fuel industry’s harmful practices and reckless plans for expansion threaten the well-being of communities and people around the world. That’s why the SAFE Cities movement is connecting local efforts to limit fossil fuels into a global call for action and supporting community leaders to adopt SAFE policies that phase out fossil fuels and fast track clean, more efficient energy solutions for all. 

    Together, we know that we can turn these local victories into a powerful global movement for health, safety, equity, and climate security. Will you join us?

    What is the SAFE Cities Movement?


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