SAFE Cities

It's time to build a global movement to keep fossil fuels in the ground by taking a Stand Against Fossil Fuel Expansion.

Together, we're changing the rules to protect people and the climate – by passing local laws to stop projects before they're even proposed.

Dozens of communities have already taken the first step. Will yours be next?

Check out the map below to see where groups are standing against fossil fuel expansion, and to find a SAFE group near you. To start your own group, or to learn how your local group can join SAFE, click here

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All across the globe, people in cities, counties, states, provinces, and even whole countries (!!) are standing up and saying enough is enough. They’re calling for, legislating, and ultimately passing laws that make it illegal to build new fossil fuel infrastructure.

 They're taking a Stand Against Fossil Fuel Expansion.

Will you join the movement and make your community the next SAFE place?

Why join the SAFE movement?


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