Protect the Arctic Refuge - Bay Area Event

The Trump Administration is driving a flawed process to open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil development. In just a couple months, this sacred place will be sold to the highest bidder. Now's the critical time to take action! We are excited to announce two exciting events in November.

The faces of three Gwich'in youth with the text "Chevron don't drill away our future."


The Arctic Refuge Experience. Step in. Step up.

This pop-up experience is a limited-run, interactive exhibit that will come to San Francisco (Nov 21-24), bringing the beauty and vastness of the Arctic Refuge — from the Aurora Borealis to ptarmigans, polar bears and herds of caribou — to visitors who would never otherwise get the chance to travel there. This Experience goes beyond art; it will also show the dangers that oil and gas development pose to this unique place, highlight the leadership of the Gwich’in people to stop oil exploration, and empower attendees to take immediate, collective action to protect it. 

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Polar bear sticks its head through a design
Experience the Arctic Refuge November 21-24