Stopping dangerous oil trains in their tracks works with hundreds of groups across the US and Canada, challenging new oil train facilities, pressing for stronger federal and state rail safety standards, helping communities stop dangerous oil trains, and building a larger and more diverse climate movement

In the fall of 2016, after three years of relentless grassroots campaigning, our work to protect the twenty-five million Americans in the blast zone of volatile and dangerous oil trains delivered a stunning victory for communities up and down the West coast - and to our climate. Three major oil train proposals were defeated or withdrawn within a two week period, and the Whatcom County Council in northwest Washington State, a critical chokehold for the oil industry, enacted a temporary moratorium on unrefined fossil fuel exports.

Taken separately, each of these announcements represents years of work and tens of thousands of people refusing to put the health and safety of their families, communities, and our climate at risk. Collectively, these decisions represent a tectonic shift in the acceptability of expanding fossil fuel infrastructure along our coast.

Put simply, people are no longer willing to let the oil industry decide our future, to pollute our communities, to poison our bodies, and to irreparably harm our climate by building new fossil fuel infrastructure.