Cleaning up Levi’s climate pollution

The fashion industry accounts for nearly 10% of global climate pollution, and that share is projected to grow significantly in the coming decade, largely because company supply chains rely on coal-fired power.

After an intensive year + long campaign calling out Levi’s for making jeans ‘Too Dirty to Wear’, in July of 2018 the denim giant announced a commitment to almost halve the climate emissions in its entire global supply chain by 2025 – exactly what our campaign had asked for. In order to meet this commitment, Levi’s is now transitioning its factories and mills off coal and onto renewable energy and is serving as a model for the rest of the industry to follow.

Before we launched our campaign targeting the fashion industry, companies were touting commitments to reduce the emissions from their offices and stores but none were talking about supply chains, where up to 99% of the fashion industry’s climate pollution originates. We looked closely at what it would take to bring the industry in line with the Paris Accord to keep warming below 1.5℃ and developed a set of targets for industry leaders to adopt. After we pressed Levi’s to lead with meaningful climate action, a domino effect followed. Within six months, industry leaders created the U.N. Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, and more than a dozen companies and counting have responded to our Filthy Fashion campaign with stronger climate targets.

We’re continuing to push the rest of the industry to follow Levi’s lead - click here to learn more about what’s next in the Filthy Fashion campaign or to get involved.

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