Transforming the environmental practices of Victoria’s Secret

The glamour in these catalogs belied an ugly secret: they originated from endangered caribou habitat in Canada. In 2004, we mounted a high-profile and media-savvy grassroots campaign that landed us on Good Morning America and in newspapers across the US. In 2007, our campaign concluded in a major success: we worked with Victoria’s Secret to develop catalog paper that protect endangered species habitat and move the needle on recycled content from less that 2% to 30% post-consumer recycled content. But we didn’t stop there. Instead we continued to work to ensure that the biggest names in the catalog industry followed suit, living up to the standard set by Victoria’s Secret. That’s the power of a markets campaign- it shifts not just individual companies, but entire sectors.

Here’s a video about our Victoria’s Secret campaign and the transformation from conflict to collaboration:


Transforming the environmental practices of Victoria’s Secret (Limited Brands) and the whole catalog industry