Alliances and Networks

Alliances and Networks

At, we believe relationships are important. That's why our work with frontline communities is one of the most critical parts of our campaigns. We connect with the communities and organizations on the ground in the areas that are impacted by our campaigns, to understand their perspectives and figure out how our work can support their needs. It is through our work with these coalitions, networks, and alliances that we are able to change the world's biggest corporations and governments — over and over again.

Here are some of the current coalitions, networks, and alliances we are part of:


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    Protect the Protest

    Courts are for those who seek justice, not revenge. A growing number of corporations, law firms, and individuals attempt to silence their critics by filing “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” (SLAPPs). SLAPPs violate the First Amendment rights of those who speak truth to power.

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    Protect the Bay

    Protect the Bay Coalition is a collection of people and groups from all walks of life working to protect the Bay and our communities from tar sands crude oil.

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    Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative Alliance

    The Amazon River is vital to all of humanity and one of its birthplaces is under threat from the expansion of oil drilling, mining, and new roads that will change it forever. 

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