The fight for our climate is local

With Trump in the White House and climate deniers running Congress, it’s time to shift our focus to the local level. Let’s stop dirty, dangerous fossil fuel projects and build healthy communities that pave the way to a just, clean energy future.

Send a message to your local leaders and let them know you’re serious about climate change.

Local organizing matters. Local organizing changes the game. Local organizing gets the goods.

Send your message now

Dear Local Leader,

I’m ready to mobilize against all new plans to expand fossil fuels and create visionary policies that change our relationship with the climate.

Strong climate leadership at the local level is more important now than ever. I want to see our communities create policies that will build a vibrant fossil fuel-free economy, and I'm looking to you to take the lead.

There will be many crucial climate fights coming up and we need to be ahead of them. I’m dedicated to taking climate action in our community and supporting the integration of climate policy in your platform.

You’ll be hearing from me again soon,