Levi's: Too Dirty To Wear

The fashion industry's climate and air pollution is literally killing people. Any day now, Levi's will decide whether to ditch the dirty coal that powers its factories. 

99% of Levi’s climate pollution is from its supply chain, yet the company has no policy, nor taken any meaningful action, to address impacts outside of its owned operations. Levi’s climate pollution can be correlated with as many as 31 additional deaths a year from the impacts of climate change. That is an approximation of one death every 12 days. The majority of people dying from the impacts of climate change are children in developing countries. 

Each month or year the company delays, the pollution continues. 

In response, we’ve launched the “Levi’s: Too Dirty to Wear” campaign to call on Levi’s to end its climate pollution and transition to renewable energy. Want to learn more? Read our report.

Campaign in partnership with SumOfUs. https://www.sumofus.org/

Ask Levi’s to become the industry leader on climate by:

  1. Making a leadership-level climate commitment for its full supply chain to meet or beat the Paris Agreement on climate change (30-40% absolute reduction in total GHGs by 2025).
  2. Transitioning its entire supply chain to renewable energy, with a minimum of 50% of energy sourced through renewables by 2035.
  3. Committing to a long-term carbon emission reduction target of 2/3 by 2050 for its entire supply chain.