Do you live in an oil train blast zone?

The oil industry is sending explosive, toxic crude via rail right by homes of 25 million Americans. Find out if you're one of them and then join the growing number of people standing up to #StopOilTrains in their communities, by their children’s schools and where they work.

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0.5 Mile US DOT Evacuation Zone for Oil Train Derailments
1.0 Mile US DOT Potential Impact Zone in Case of Oil Train Fire


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Millions of Americans live in the oil train blast zone.

Every day the oil industry sends millions of gallons of highly flammable crude oil through cities and towns across North America. Our rail system was never built for this hazardous cargo – crude oil is too dangerous for the rails.

The Federal Rail Administration (FRA) must take the following actions on behalf of our communities and the climate!

  1. Ban oil trains: There is no safe way to transport crude oil by rail: ban oil trains.
  2. Take precautions: While you're in the process of banning oil trains, take every possible step to ensure that they avoid population centers and critical water supplies, prepare and equip emergency responders, and develop strong new rail safety rules that give citizens the information they need to protect themselves
  3. Roll back preemption: Give communities the power to say no to oil trains