Take the Clean Cruising pledge

Instead of ditching the dirty heavy fuel oil that powers its ships and protecting the Arctic, the oceans, and the climate, cruise giant Carnival Corporation is continuing to hide behind false solutions and weak actions. 

So it’s time for the next step in our campaign – meaningful consumer pressure. We need to show Carnival that until it becomes a climate leader, it’s losing out on thousands of potential customers.

Indigenous leaders from across the Arctic are calling for a phase-out of heavy fuel oil in their regions, and already dozens of countries have joined them. If Carnival cares about the survival of Indigenous peoples most affected by climate change and respects the will of those who have called the Arctic home for tens of thousands of years, it should be doing everything in its power to minimize its emissions and spill risk, starting with switching to cleaner fuel.

Take the Clean Cruising Pledge today and let Carnival know that its actions will impact its bottom line.

Carnival Corporation and its Cruise brands