Tell TD to Drop Kinder Morgan

TD markets itself as an environmentally-friendly financial institution. So why is TD supporting Kinder Morgan's attempt to finance its destructive pipeline to Canada's west coast?

By supporting Kinder Morgan’s pipeline, TD would be unlocking the global warming pollution equivalent of 2.7 million cars each year, threaten the extinction of the already-endangered Southern Resident Orca population, and increase the chance of a major oil spill in the Salish Sea by 168%. It would also involve serious industrial activity through Jasper National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tell TD CEO Bharat Masrani to Drop Kinder Morgan and stop financing pipelines that run through indigenous communities. Sign the petition here.

TD: Drop Kinder Morgan

Dear TD Group CEO Bharat Masrani,

We call on TD Group to immediately suspend its work with Kinder Morgan on the financing of its Trans Mountain pipeline.

TD must drop Kinder Morgan for the following reasons:

  1. Supporting Kinder Morgan runs counter to your Corporate Responsibility strategy, which states that the environment will be embedded into all of your financing decisions. The Kinder Morgan pipeline will have a detrimental effect on the environment. It would:
    • unlock the climate impact equivalent of 2.7 million cars every year
    • threaten the already endangered Southern Resident Orca population with extinction
    • increase the chance of a major oil spill by 168% for the sensitive Salish Sea
  2. Because the pipeline involves re-activation and twinning of a 60-year old pipeline running through Jasper National Park, the Trans Mountain pipeline does not meet TD’s Responsible Investment policy, which expressly states that TD will not be finance transactions related to ‘Activities within World Heritage sites.’ [1] Jasper National Park has been a designated UN World Heritage Site since 1984.
  3. Because the Kinder Morgan pipeline is actively opposed by 59 of First Nations along the proposed pipeline route, the Trans Mountain pipeline project fails the principle of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent — a principle that TD claims to support in its TD and Indigenous Communities in Canada report. [2]

For these reasons, we call on TD to drop Kinder Morgan as a client and to refuse to participate in the financing of any oil or gas pipelines unless they clearly meet with your own Corporate Responsibility guidelines.

[1] “Responsible Finance,” TD website. Accessed Feb 23, 2017
[2] “Free, Prior, and Informed Consent,” TD and Indigenous Communities in Canada. P21. TD. Accessed Feb 23, 2017.