Tell Trudeau to stop the Trans Mountain Pipeline now

For some perplexing reason, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used billions in taxpayer dollars to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline. He wants to expand it, running it from Edmonton to Metro Vancouver. This pipeline will run through Jasper National Park and increase oil tanker traffic on the west coast by 700%, threatening endangered orca whales in the process.

A spill would place the livelihood of hundreds of thousands at risk, devastating local recreation and tourism industries and threatening seafood and traditional livelihoods on the west coast. Such a large increase in tanker traffic threatens the survival of Canada's already-endangered Orca Whale population.

The courts have already ruled that the federal government failed to properly consult First Nations, or take into account the environmental threat of increased oil tankers on the coast. But Trudeau keeps pushing to expand the pipeline anyways.

Help us ensure that this pipeline is never built. Join the fight.