Tell Trudeau: Building pipelines *IS* climate denial

The National Energy Board has recommended that Trudeau build the Trans Mountain Pipeline, yet still admits that the pipeline will increase emissions and damage the climate.

This is what climate denial looks like. How does a government-run regulatory body admit that a project would be terribly damaging to the environment, then go ahead and approve the pipeline anyway? The National Energy Board and Trudeau's cabinet ministers \ are ignoring their responsibilities.

This isn't a new thing. This climate inquiry was the same kind that the NEB required for the Energy East pipeline. Why is a full climate assessment needed for some pipelines, but not others? Why is the National Energy Board supporting pipelines, not regulating them?

Trudeau and his cabinet ministers are responsible for the National Energy Board. Tell Justin Trudeau and his cabinet ministers to denying Trans Mountain's full effect on climate change. Send a letter now.