3 Things you can do right now to end sewage dumping in the ocean
3 Things you can do right now to end sewage dumping in the ocean
Monday May 03, 2021

Did you know that Canadian laws allow boats and ships to dump untreated sewage directly into the ocean just three nautical miles (5.6 km) offshore? 

As vessels set sail for the spring season, it’s time Canadian lawmakers stopped allowing boaters to use the ocean as their toilet. 

Sewage and greywater are harmful waste streams for the ocean, especially concentrated by low-flow appliances and held in tanks.  Some may argue that regulating pollution from boats is unnecessary because the ocean is big, but we have learned time and again that dilution is not the solution to pollution. 

Raw sewage and greywater from vessels contain nutrients and pathogens like E.Coli and viruses.  They contribute to toxic algal blooms in the ocean that create marine dead zones affecting shellfish beds, safe swimming, and fish health. 

Stand launched a campaign to build public pressure on the Federal Government of Canada in July of 2020 and we’re escalating our efforts in 2021. Take one (or all!) of the actions below to keep up the momentum:

  • Sign this petition to the Minister of Transport, Minister Omar Alghabra, asking him to stop allowing large vessels to dump raw greywater and sewage freely into the ocean

  • Use this letter-writing tool to send a note to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Minister Jordan, and the Minister of Transport, Minister Alghabra, to tell them how important the ocean is, and why they must act to stop all raw dumping from vessels.

  • Write to your local Member of Parliament to ask them to match our neighbours on dumping rules - Puget Sound has a no discharge zone and pump out stations, and Alaska has strict dumping limits and monitoring requirements.  We can have the same, especially for large vessels like cruise ships!