The Energy East Pipeline has been canceled.

The Energy East Pipeline has been canceled.

Friday October 06, 2017

There has been a major development in the fight against tar sands expansion: TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline has been canceled!

We want to extend our congratulations and deep appreciation to the Indigenous communities on the front lines who have fought tirelessly to stop pipelines from being built on their territory. We thank all of the local communities, organizers, and organizations who've stood united in opposition to Energy East for the past five years.

In their press release announcing the cancellation of their pipeline, TransCanada cited “changed circumstances” as the reason why they’re abandoning this disastrous project. Let’s be clear: These changed circumstances are the ones that came about because of the hard work of thousands of people across the land. By exposing the science, organizing communities, and pressuring decision-makers, it was the collective work of the people who “changed the circumstances” and stopped this pipeline.

People power stopped the Northern Gateway Pipeline. It’s now stopped Energy East. Join the fight against the Kinder Morgan pipeline.