Water is life. Support #NoDAPL.
Water is life. Support #NoDAPL.
Tuesday November 08, 2016

For the past week, I’ve been at the Oceti Sakowin camp at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, supporting the ongoing indigenous resistance to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Since I’ve been here, the number one question I’ve been receiving from friends and family back home is -- “How do I get involved?”. Here are some ways Indigenous leaders on the ground at Standing Rock are asking for your support from home.

Donate. The #NoDAPL struggle is an indigenous, grassroots movement. Financial donations are essential to the effort, from providing legal support to ensuring the camps have the supplies necessary to continue the fight through the winter. Here are a few groups we encourage you to give to:

  • Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN): Since 1990, IEN has worked to build indigenous leadership and capacity to defend sacred sites and protect land, air, and water from environmental harm. IEN is playing a critical leadership role at Standing Rock, and we encourage you to donate.
  • Indigenous People’s Power Project (IP3): Providing daily nonviolent direct action trainings and running the camp’s art construction space. To make sure this critical work can continue. Donate today!
  • Red Owl Legal Collective: Red Owl is the primary legal organization on-site at Standing Rock. Donate here and help the coordination of critical criminal and civil litigation support for water protectors.

Participate in Solidarity Actions and Spread the Word on Social Media. On November 15th, join the #NoDAPL day-of-action. Demand the Army Corps of Engineers reject this pipeline. Find a protest near you here (and bring everyone you know).

Call Citibank. The pipeline is being financed by numerous banks and financial institutions. Call Citibank today at 860-291-4261 and tell them to cut the funding for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Travel to Standing Rock. If you’re able, there is an open call from the camps at Standing Rock for indigenous people and non-indigenous allies to travel to North Dakota and stand with the water protectors. Register here!

If you are non-native and are thinking about traveling to Standing Rock, please thoroughly review this Standing Rock Allies Resource Packet before deciding to go.

At Stand.earth, we recognize the effort to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline is embedded in a long history of indigenous resistance to colonialism and exploitation, stretching back hundreds of years. This history is alive -- throughout North Dakota and beyond -- in response to Big Oil’s attempts to trample on indigenous rights and push through major oil extraction and transportation projects.

From tribes working together to stop oil trains and coal export projects in the Pacific Northwest to First Nations fighting the Kinder Morgan pipeline in British Columbia, indigenous communities are claiming their sovereignty and leveraging power to resist fossil fuel infrastructure.

Stand.earth stands with #StandingRock and we encourage you to do the same.

**Research and support by Simone Cardona