Tell Governor Newsom to take action for the Amazon
Thursday July 28, 2022

Urge Governor Newsom to end California’s Amazon crude oil addiction!

The state of California is the world’s largest consumer of Amazon-derived fuel. In just one year, over 1.9 billion gallons of gas and diesel from the Amazon Rainforest were sold by major oil companies in California. As the state’s demand for Amazon crude grows, the rainforest which it is being extracted from is facing an existential crisis.

We need California, as the top consumer of Amazon crude oil, to end its addiction to oil from the Amazon.

Record video a message to Governor Gavin Newsom and tell him to end California’s complicity in new oil drilling in the Amazon.


Governor Newsom: Take Action for the Amazon

At the beginning of June, we put out a call to action to the community to seize a golden opportunity to spotlight California’s role as a major driver in destroying the Amazon rainforest. And you helped do exactly that. The actions you’ve taken – every petition signed, emails sent to Gavin Newsom, social amplification, and donations – helped us reach hundreds of thousands of Californians and decision-makers in the state and amplify this critical message. Now, we must continue to pressure Governor Newsom and his administration to ensure that the Golden State is not driving up the demand for crude oil from the Amazon.

The work to secure a future beyond oil and gas in California and the Amazon is far from over, and we will face strong opposition from Big Oil – but I know the tenacity and passion of this community will override all that. In the coming months, we will continue to step on the pedal and apply pressure on California to invest in a just transition and move away from Amazon crude oil.

Our personal stories are some of the most impactful tactics we have to reach decision-makers and make a change in the world.

Take a moment to record a message to governor Newsom and we will deliver your message straight to his office in the Fall.