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From calling on Levi's and Carnival Corporation to stop using fossil fuels to power their factories and ships, to pushing Starbucks and Charmin to incorporate recycled paper into their coffee cups and toilet paper, to fighting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure while championing a clean energy future across California, Washington, and British Columbia — we're always up to something. Read our latest blogs and opinion pieces here:


Cut block featuring a big old growth tree that has been logged
15 Dec 2020
British Columbia is known for iconic old growth forests, but less than 1% all forests in the province have big, old trees left standing. In April, the old growth review panel’s report issued 14 recommendations for the B.C. government to protect these ancient forests.
01 Dec 2020
Trade finance, not just project finance, must act to preserve valuable ecosystems like the Amazon rainforest
25 Nov 2020
The fashion industry remains heavily reliant on fossil fuels to power factories & make clothes, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how you can cut through the greenwash & use your purchasing power to push major fashion brands to be more sustainable.
Marlon Vargas, President of Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon - CONFENIAE
13 Nov 2020
Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENIAE) President Marlon Vargas to banks, "Our peoples do not want in their territories any type of oil activity that threatens their food security and health. Within this framework, the financial institutions that finance these activities, including yours, assume the financial risks arising from this measure and others that will be adjusted to the development of the process."
The fashion industry’s biggest sustainability event of the year — the Copenhagen Fashion Summit — is about to kick off. Here’s what leading brands need to do to clean up their climate pollution and build back green after the COVID-19 pandemic.