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From calling on Levi's and Carnival Corporation to stop using fossil fuels to power their factories and ships, to pushing Starbucks and Charmin to incorporate recycled paper into their coffee cups and toilet paper, to fighting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure while championing a clean energy future across California, Washington, and British Columbia — we're always up to something. Read our latest blogs and opinion pieces here:


8,000 Starbucks cups a minute end up in the trash
15 Aug 2016
On Thursday, July 7, at 6:20 a.m. a yellow Penske rental truck pulled up in front of Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle. Ten volunteers jumped into the back of the truck and pulled out a series of 62 large plastic bags each of which was dangling from a long steel cable.
Trojan Horse: Big Timber tries to sneak into the LEED green building rating system
15 Aug 2016
This week Stand released a new report, A Trojan Horse for Big Timber, outlining how the logging industry is trying to sneak its phony eco-labeling scheme into the LEED green building program.
Graph 1
10 Aug 2016
The oil and coal industry are targeting Cherry Point as an oil, gas, and coal waystation for exports to Asia and around the world. The carbon pollution from coal, crude oil and gas export projects that we believe are planned for Cherry Point Washington are staggering, on the order of 2.3 times current Washington state carbon emissions combined. Here is how we calculated this enormous potential carbon pollution threat based on planned oil and coal industry projects:
Radical Dharma
08 Aug 2016
On July 20, 2016, Reverend angel Kyodo williams spoke with campaign and citizen activists from the Stand community and beyond on how activists can use Radical Dharma to confront white supremacy and privilege. Rev. angel, founder of the Center for Transformative Change, is a spiritual teacher, master trainer, and co-chair of the Stand board of directors. She is also one of our movement’s critical teachers on equity and mindfulness and co-author of the new book Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation.
Big Timber
08 Aug 2016
School is back in session across the country – and right now in some classroom somewhere in the US children are being educated not on math, science or history, but briefly, and importantly, on bullying. There has been, at long last, a revolution in our schools around teaching kids how to deal with bullies, what kids should do if they see it happening, steps for teachers to take to stop it from occurring again. It is a gross practice, a thing done out of fear, anger and insecurity, and it is heartening to see progress on this issue in our schools.