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From calling on Levi's and Carnival Corporation to stop using fossil fuels to power their factories and ships, to pushing Starbucks and Charmin to incorporate recycled paper into their coffee cups and toilet paper, to fighting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure while championing a clean energy future across California, Washington, and British Columbia — we're always up to something. Read our latest blogs and opinion pieces here:


School Blast Zone
09 Jun 2016
REPORT: Stand has calculated the number of Washington and Oregon schools and students in the oil train blast zone, the one-mile evacuation area in the event of an oil train derailment & fire.  
News Analysis
04 Jun 2016
On Friday, June 2, an oil train derailed and caught fire in Mosier, Oregon, a town 65 miles east of Portland on the Columbia River. Residents and a nearby elementary school inside the one-mile blast zone were evacuated. There were no reported injuries. But firefighters were notably absent from the scene, which was broadcast for hours from news helicopters. The fire burned until sometime early Saturday morning.
4 Points
31 May 2016
#1 The Kinder Morgan pipeline is all risk & no reward The pipeline will raise the number of tankers in Vancouver by 700%. #2 The National Energy Board approves pipeline The National Energy Board (NEB) just released its recommendation to approve the Kinder Morgan pipeline.
Crude Injustice Cali - Facebook Share
27 May 2016
Public interest groups release report 'Crude Injustice on the Rails' evaluating the disparate threat to people of color and low-income communities from explosions and pollution from crude oil trains in California.
Oil Train Disaster Plans
13 May 2016
In the year since five fiery oil train disasters in the US and Canada brought national attention to the threat from trains hauling explosive crude oil, the rail industry has embarked on a high profile public relations exercise to reassure the public that deadly disasters can be averted by emergency responders. In fact, the reality of oil train accidents -- and the unanimous opinion of fire officials and federal rail safety experts -- proves that there is no fighting an oil train derailment and fire. The scene of a crude oil derailment and fire is an uncontrollable fire.