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From calling on Levi's and Carnival Corporation to stop using fossil fuels to power their factories and ships, to pushing Starbucks and Charmin to incorporate recycled paper into their coffee cups and toilet paper, to fighting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure while championing a clean energy future across California, Washington, and British Columbia — we're always up to something. Read our latest blogs and opinion pieces here:


23 Feb 2022
This is a screenshot from a video showing a burst pipeline spraying crude oil in the Ecuadorian region of the Amazon rainforest. The pipeline was carrying oil destined for California and other U.S. states:
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18 Feb 2022
*Content warning: This blog includes information around white supremacy, racism, and violence* Feb 18, 2022 A so-called “freedom convoy” of protestors have gathered in Ottawa since late January, and as we write this post, more are gathering across Canada. While it's being framed as a protest against vaccine mandates – in response to the government announcing that the exemption for long-haul truckers is ending – let's be clear; this is about white supremacy and fascism.
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07 Feb 2022
February is Black History Month, and wants to take time to uplift and celebrate Black-led organizations and culture.  Too often the environmental movement only acknowledges Black lives in moments of crisis, so while the twin crises of climate change and racial injustice are ongoing, we want to share these resources, organizations, and people that have and continue to help shape Black culture’s history, present, and future. 
01 Feb 2022
The Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the most bio-culturally diverse places in the whole of Amazonia and on the planet. The vast horizons of rainforest teeming with life are stewarded by more than half a million Indigenous peoples from more than twenty nationalities (including communities living in voluntary isolation). It is a true global treasure, and it is facing immense threats. 
People march against fossil fuel expansion under a banner that says "Protect What You Love"
19 Jan 2022
Across the U.S. and into Canada, local governments are increasingly seizing the opportunity to take action to stop fossil fuel expansion and make a real improvement in public health, safety, and the fight to stop climate change. This movement – at, we call it SAFE Cities, or Stand Against Fossil Fuel Expansion (SAFE) – is growing and diversifying, with new policies cropping up every week.