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From calling on Levi's and Carnival Corporation to stop using fossil fuels to power their factories and ships, to pushing Starbucks and Charmin to incorporate recycled paper into their coffee cups and toilet paper, to fighting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure while championing a clean energy future across California, Washington, and British Columbia — we're always up to something. Read our latest blogs and opinion pieces here:


06 Oct 2017
There has been a major development in the fight against tar sands expansion: TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline has been canceled! We want to extend our congratulations and deep appreciation to the Indigenous communities on the front lines who have fought tirelessly to stop pipelines from being built on their territory. We thank all of the local communities, organizers, and organizations who've stood united in opposition to Energy East for the past five years.
Logging intact forests is a huge contributor to climate change
02 Oct 2017
Intolerance for criticism. A penchant for bully lawsuits. Indifference toward the First Amendment. Blaming others for problems he created. No, I am not referring to Donald Trump, but to the proponent of a lawsuit that predates the U.S. election. It is a lawsuit with so many themes in common with Donald Trump’s worldview and tactics that it seems like an offspring of our dark election. 
22 Sep 2017
Every environmental attack by the Trump Administration further emphasizes the importance of taking local action on climate. Climate inaction at the federal level isn’t new--and neither is real success on climate action at the local level. 
18 Sep 2017
Here’s a Must-Have List for Real Commitments from Fashion Companies: Big Reductions in Total Climate Pollution (not just less pollution 
per article of clothing they sell)
08 Aug 2017
In order to show Starbucks that partners want to serve a recyclable cup and put pressure on the coffee giant to change in all the right ways, we need your (anonymous) input as a Starbucks barista. Let’s use our combined power to get Starbucks to recommit to its goals! Please take a minute to fill out this survey (3 short pages). All answers will remain anonymous.