North America's Boreal Forests

The Boreal forest is an ecological heavyweight. It’s a massive ecosystem that wraps around the northern hemisphere like a green halo. In North America, the Boreal is home to 30% of our songbirds and 40% of our migratory waterfowl, along with iconic species like grizzlies, wolves, lynx, and mountain caribou. Like fresh water? The Boreal holds more of it than anywhere else on the planet.

Additionally, this great forest is a serious ally in the fight against climate change. The Boreal stores twice the carbon as its rainforest and temperate forest counterparts, AND offsets approximately 10 billion tonnes of carbon per year!

Tell Canada's Environment Minister to protect the Boreal forest.

Now that we’ve overloaded the atmosphere with carbon, it’s essential that we let natural processes that remove and store carbon do their thing without further harm.

So the case is clear -- the Boreal is too important to be cut down to make things like junk mail and catalog paper. That’s why we’ve been working since 2000 to protect this critical forest. 

In 2011, after huge and successful campaigns to get companies like Victoria’s Secret, Staples, Office Depot and others to weigh in with their purchasing power to help stop the excessive levels of logging, we became signatories of the world’s largest forest conservation commitment, the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. This massive 2011 agreement involves six conservation groups and 19 forestry companies, and covers 51% of forestry in the Boreal. The agreement is a promising start, but we’re not done yet.

Today, we continue to protect the Boreal by:

1. Working with the companies that honour the commitment to develop protection proposals; 
2. Dramatically reducing the extraction of tar sands which require strip mining large swaths of Alberta and Saskatchewan's Boreal forest to access the tar sands underneath; and
3. Fighting for a stable climate which is critical for forests.