Canada's climate leadership

Canada is one of the top ten global emitters of climate pollution and has some of the highest per capita emissions amongst major industrialised countries.

Our contribution to climate change matters, which is why we are fighting for stronger climate policies at both the federal and provincial level.

What we’re calling for:

  1. We need to stop approving, investing in, and building new fossil fuel projects. This means no new or expanded pipelines, no new LNG terminals, no new coal mines, and no new tar sands mines.
  2. We need to create an exit plan that breaks our economic reliance on the oil and gas sector, while supporting workers and communities impacted by the shift to a sustainable economy.
  3. We have to stop giving tax breaks and subsidies to fossil fuel companies. Every year our government gives $3.3 billion of taxpayer money to the very corporations that are causing the climate crisis. This money is better invested in renewable energy sources and other clean technologies that will power our grandchildren’s world.
  4. We have to acknowledge the world cannot afford to burn all of our fossil fuel reserves, particularly the oil from the tar sands. All that’s left must remain in the ground.

Tzeporah Berman speaks in the heart of Canada's oil industry

Where does Canada stand on climate policy? A timeline


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