Canada's tar sands

Canada’s tar sands are a growing ecological disaster. While being used to extract some of the dirtiest and most carbon intensive forms of oil in the world, the process of production has left a trillion litres of toxic waste in reservoirs now leaching across Northern Alberta.

To save the climate, we must stop growing the tar sands.


Vancouver-based company Teck Resources wanted federal cabinet approval to build the largest tar sands mine Canada has ever seen. Nearly double the size of the City of Vancouver, Teck’s Frontier Mine project would release a shocking amount of carbon pollution, making it impossible to meet our international climate commitments. Teck’s mine would destroy old-growth forests, critical fish habitat, and lead to the permanent loss of 14,000 hectares of wetlands. 

Thanks to months and months of public pressure from Indigenous groups, environmental organizations like, and everyday people, Teck withdrew their application to build the mine just days before a government decision was due – citing concern around climate change and economic uncertainty as the cause of their decision. 

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Canada's tar sands: a timeline


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