LNG and fracking in BC

Liquified Natural Gas is methane.

Methane is a highly polluting greenhouse gas that is 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide when it comes to warming our planet. More methane production means more fracking, creating an ecological disaster for northern communities by covering their lands with poisonous fracking waste and abandoned wells. But by working together, we can make sure that B.C. meets its carbon emission targets and that we protect our northern communities from the devastation of fracking.

To save the climate, we must stop LNG projects.

Stand.earth is committed to stopping LNG expansion, because expanding LNG means building more leaky methane projects that are bad for the climate and for people.

We already hit the ground running by speaking out against the Tilbury LNG Expansion proposal in Delta, B.C, which could have devastating impacts on endangered fish species and the climate. Nearly 5,000 members of this community sent in comments calling for the project to be rejected!

Watch this space for more ways to take action.

LNG in BC: A timeline

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