LNG and fracking in BC

Liquified Natural Gas is methane.

Methane is a highly polluting greenhouse gas that is 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide when it comes to warming our planet. More methane production means more fracking, creating an ecological disaster for northern communities by covering their lands with poisonous fracking waste and abandoned wells. But by working together, we can make sure that B.C. meets its carbon emission targets and that we protect our northern communities from the devastation of fracking.

To save the climate, we must stop LNG projects.

Fracking and its related industrialization on Treaty 8 territory in Northeastern B.C. has had a devastating impact on local communities. It has harmed their physical and mental health, threatened traditional hunting and fishing practices, the water and the land. But enough is enough: this story needs to be told.

That's why we produced, Fracking the Peace, a powerful short documentary following the people whose lives, water, and land have been changed by fracking.

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Fracking the Peace Documentary Trailer

LNG in BC: A timeline


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