Join the Clean Energy Revolution - Canada

To halt global warming in its tracks, we need to transform our society away from outdated climate-polluting fossil fuels.

That means changing not just how we travel but how we heat our homes, and how we power our factories and our office buildings. 

The technology to make this change exists, and it offers tremendous opportunity for new jobs and our economy. But the oil and gas industries are putting up political roadblocks along the way. They receive massive financial and political subsidies, all the while doing everything they can to keep the price of solar panels and other alternatives outside of reach.

We want to make sure that those who want to buy clean, renewable energy can do so as easily and as cheaply as they can buy conventional oil and gas. To do that we need a revolution against the powerful oil and gas interests that don’t believe that they’re threatening communities all over the world. And we need to make sure that local communities and First Nations have the right to stop fossil fuel infrastructure from threatening their local economies.

We want the right to choose clean energy over fossil fuels. Join the revolution!