Amazon Crude

66% of the oil exported from the Amazon rainforest goes to the United States, with the lion’s share (50%) of exports going to California.

Everything from airports, to delivery trucks, and gas stations run on Amazonian crude oil. But the price of powering the “Golden State” is high – and Indigenous communities halfway across the world are footing the bill.

As a major consumer of Amazonian oil, the state of California plays an outsized role in the destruction of this sacred rainforest. We need to step up the pressure on the Californian government to live up to its progressive values and reputation by committing to wind down oil imports from the Amazon.

Despite opposition from all seven Indigenous nationalities whose territories overlap the land in question, Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso plans to auction off over seven million acres of largely pristine and roadless rainforests for oil extraction projects this year. The need to protect this region couldn’t be more urgent.

The Amazon rainforest is on the edge of its tipping point and unless we secure ambitious protection for it, we could soon be seeing the rainforest transform into a savannah. That’s why in solidarity with Indigenous partners, we're working to advance action to protect 80% of the Amazon by 2025.

At the end of last year, and our partner Amazon Watch released a damning report that painted a clear picture of the linked fates of the lungs of the planet and the Golden State.

When 1 in every 9 gallons pumped in California is coming from the Amazon, it is no surprise the market demand for Amazon crude is growing.


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