Global Gas and Oil Network

The Global Gas & Oil Network (GGON) is a network of non-governmental organizations around the world working to facilitate a global managed decline of oil and gas production. 

This site was developed to provide resources to policymakers, advocates, researchers, campaigners, and community members tracking the shift of our energy system off of oil and gas towards clean, socially just alternatives. It reflects a collaborative effort of the Global Oil & Gas Network (GGON), which includes non-governmental organizations around the world that are working to advance a climate-safe and just transition off of oil and gas production.

We recognize that a managed transition away from oil and gas production, alongside coal, will be required to meet the climate goals to which governments have committed themselves under the Paris Agreement. This shift is technologically possible. If managed equitably, it will bring positive, long-term benefits to the health, well-being, and human rights of communities globally. But seeing it through will require a profound shift in political, economic, and social policies and priorities globally.