Resolute: Drop the lawsuit against us

Using a law designed to prosecute organized crime, Resolute Forest Products (Canada’s largest logging company) has filed a lawsuit against and Greenpeace. Its claim? That we’re part of a  ‘criminal enterprise.’  Our alleged crime? Publicizing the truth about Resolute’s destructive practices in Canada’s Boreal forest.

What’s at stake with this lawsuit goes far beyond the Boreal. If successful, this lawsuit would give companies (not just Big Timber) a new tool to silence and intimidate their critics, and hide their bad behavior.

Add your voice to the letter calling for this lawsuit to be dropped.

Dear Mr. Laflamme:

We write to you today regarding the lawsuit filed against and Greenpeace, [Case: CV-116-071] filed in Federal U.S. Court in the Southern District of Georgia.

Using a law designed to prosecute organized crime, you claim that we are part of a ‘criminal enterprise.’ Not only is your company suing and Greenpeace, you are suing individual staff members, attempting to directly intimidate people (and their families) who have devoted their entire careers to environmental protection.

Because of the baselessness of these charges, and the other lawsuits you have filed against non-profits and critics, we must assume that it is your intent to silence speech on these issues through costly, time-intensive legal action.

This lawsuit could set a dangerous precedent for public interest groups – and the First Amendment. In the interest of maintaining a strong democracy, and our right to free speech, we ask that you immediately drop this lawsuit.

This started as a conversation about your forestry practices, and the planet. You can’t intimidate or sue the facts away, they will remain. A first step toward change would be dropping this lawsuit, so that we can concentrate on creating a better world for our children.

I am sure that you do not want to be a bully. But suing people and organizations who disagree with you and your company’s logging practices in an attempt to silence them is bully behavior, especially when your company is literally many hundreds of times larger than the non-profits you are targeting. Please make a decision that will make you proud of yourself.