Amazon Forest Protection

The Amazon biome is the last place on the planet where oil drilling and large-scale industrial extractivism should be expanding. This region contains the largest contiguous rainforest on the planet, is home to millions of Indigenous peoples and is critical for climate regulation, biodiversity, and the cultural survival of nearly 500 Indigenous nationalities and groups.’s current work is focused on securing commitments from banks to end their financing of the oil industry operating in the Amazon basin and its related impacts on indigenous rights, pollution, corruption, and often being the first cut that is a gateway to forest degradation and deforestation.

Stand and our partner Amazon Watch have secured commitments from 5 of the top 6 banks involved in the trade of oil from the Amazon Sacred Headwaters region to the US to end financing the trade of oil from the region (representing over $9 billion USD / 140 million barrels of oil over the last decade).

We are now expanding this work to focus on catalyzing Amazon oil exclusion exit strategies for a wider range of U.S. and international banks across the full Amazon biome as a means of building power and issue visibility to end oil expansion in the Amazon and to support expanded Indigenous rights and territories and protected areas.

New Work to Watch for in the Coming Year…

This year is about building on successes and expanding our geographic focus, partnerships, and scope of work.

What is in development: A new Amazon Tipping Point initiative in partnership with COICA (pan Amazon indigenous federation), Amazon Watch, and others that is focused on building visibility and momentum for the need to protect 80% of the Amazon by 2025. This also supports regional and international organizing efforts and is a reference point for banks, brands, political leaders to act.

A new Amazon oil investigation tracing oil from key regions in the Amazon to the US – and specifically California – where 1 in 10 gallons pumped in the state is from the Western Amazon and new efforts to motivate businesses and elected officials to commit to solving this problem and ending California’s complicity in Amazon oil expansion.

Banking on Amazon Destruction


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