Forests and wood pellets

A growing export industry in Canada is threatening forests and the planet.

Forests are being burned to generate electricity, and the emissions are dirtier than coal. So why are wood pellets being sold as a green, renewable energy resource?

Wood pellets are a double threat to forests and the climate. The growing pellet export sector is putting additional strain on vital forests, and investigations at Canadian pellet plants have found that whole trees are often used to make pellets. At a time when these forests are more important than ever to mitigating climate catastrophe, it is unacceptable that they are being burned for power. At the smokestack, wood pellets produce more emissions than coal.


Canada is the second largest exporter of wood pellets in the world. These pellets are shipped overseas (primarily to the UK and Japan), where governments have marketed the industry as carbon neutral — despite the science proving otherwise. Billions are being spent annually in the EU (and Japan is following suit) to subsidize burning wood in place of coal, when that money could be going to real climate solutions.The industry is projected to grow exponentially during the next decade, the most critical years for addressing the climate crisis. We have to act quickly to protect forests and the climate from this new threat.



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