Local to global

It's time to build a global movement to stop fossil fuel projects before they're even proposed.

From oil trains to pipelines, from tankers to refineries, Stand community members and allies have stood firm against fossil fuel expansion on the West Coast of North America. Time and time again, we've seen local communities, Indigenous tribes and nations, and local governments lead the way. We know that supporting these frontline communities is what gets the job done.

Starting this year, we'll be taking everything we've learned from Whatcom County, Washington and other local fossil fuel bans, and sharing it here so that communities around the globe can take on fossil fuel interests in their own backyards. Our goal is to put all our expertise in one place, and develop public tools so that local communities can put a freeze on new fossil fuel projects wherever they are.

All across North America local residents in cities, counties, and even states are standing up and saying enough is enough. They’re calling for, legislating, and ultimately passing laws making it illegal for new fossil fuel infrastructure to be built.

 Join the movement!

People rally in to stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline

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