Pacific Northwest

Protecting Washington State and the Pacific Northwest from fossil fuel expansion

With leadership from frontline communities and other allies in Washington State and Pacific Northwest, our movement—some call it "The Thin Green Line"—has been able to defeat numerous fossil fuel expansion projects. Two of these would have been the largest coal export terminals in North America, while another would have been the largest oil train terminal in North America. And despite victory after victory, the dirty energy projects kept coming. Which got us thinking— what if we could prevent these projects from being proposed in the first place? Turns out, the answer is yes (thanks zoning laws!). Join us as we work to spread this strategy throughout Washington State, the Pacific Northwest and beyond!

Whether it’s devising a creative legal strategy or organizing mass protests, we and our allies do what needs to be done to protect communities from these dirty and dangerous fossil fuel projects.

Keep Washington state free of fossil fuel projects


Latest Press Releases and Blogs

An aerial shot of a refinery in Whatcom County
12, Nov 2019
By Alex Ramel, Extreme Oil Field Director Whatcom County, Washington is no stranger to massive proposals for dirty energy projects. Between...
Tesoro Andeavor Anacortes Refinery
11, Oct 2019
THURSTON COUNTY, WA — On Friday, October 11, the Thurston County Superior Court agreed with arguments made by a coalition of environmental...
22, Jul 2019
By Alex Ramel,   UPDATE: on July 23 County Council members discussed the proposed land use code and voted on a series of...