Resolute’s bullying lawsuit

A Logging Giant Sued us for $300 million: We Fought Back!

For more than two years, logging company Resolute Forest Products tried to stop Stand and our friends at Greenpeace from speaking out to protect the Boreal forest, filing a $300 million bullying lawsuit against our Executive Director Todd Paglia and Stand. Smart, sustainable comapnies are distancing themselves from Resolute but some book publishers, newspapers, and tissue companies are still buying paper from a company that clearcuts forests and tries to stifle free speech.

Join the campaign to stop corporate intimidation, forest destruction and protect free speech.

After a 2 1/2 year court battle, in January 2019 Stand defeated Resolute Forest Products’ legal attempt to silence us and destroy our organization. This is a huge win for free speech and for forests.

Here is our Executive Director Todd Paglia right after we won, sharing what this victory means for Stand and for corporate bullying lawsuits.

Resolute bullying lawsuit update: victory!


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