Justin Trudeau receives thousands of valentines from Americans brokenhearted by his love for pipelines

Americans crowdfunding hilarious “Dearest Justin” TV ad to air in Ottawa


SAN FRANCISCO — More than 5,200 Americans so far have delivered cheeky digital valentines to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling on him to stop construction of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline. The digital valentines are part of the “Dearest Justin” campaign, which is crowdfunding to get its valentine-themed TV ad on air in Ottawa this spring.

The valentine reads:

My Dearest Justin,

America has a ginormous crush on you. Please don’t break our hearts by building the dirtiest Tar Sands pipeline on Earth. When your piercing blue eyes raised taxes on the rich, we swooned. When those rippling abs built a gender-balanced cabinet, we sighed. When your curly locks fought to take in thousands of Syrian refugees, we purred like kittens. You’re a burning hunk of pro science, pro gay, pro universal healthcare, and pro legal weed yumminess. Respect native sovereignty and don’t be a Trump. Canadians are counting on you. Everyone on Earth is counting on you.

Love, America

The “Dearest Justin” campaign is a collaboration between Other98 and Stand.earth, with support from Daily Kos, SumOfUs, Friends of the Earth US, 198 Methods, People's Action, Oil Change International and Greenpeace USA.

“Justin Trudeau has been a dreamboat on a lot of issues, from gay rights to taxing the rich to respecting immigrants. But he’s breaking America’s heart when it comes to climate and his passion for building dirty tar sands pipelines,” said John Sellers, Executive Director of Other98. “So we’re sending him a boatload of valentines and buying ad time on his TV.” 

“Justin Trudeau needs to know he can’t selfie his way out of his climate commitments and his pledge to respect Indigenous rights. What better way to remind him than to flood him with love letters?” said Ross Hammond, U.S. Campaigns Director at Stand.earth. “Americans care about stopping dirty tar sands pipelines, and Trudeau’s curly locks and rippling abs won’t distract us from fighting to protect our coastlines from a disastrous spill.”

The TV ad can be seen at DearestJustin.org/crowdfund and valentines can be signed at DearestJustin.org


Media contacts: 

John Sellers, Other98, john@other98.com, 510-390-6416

Virginia Cleaveland, Stand.earth, virginia@stand.earth, 510-858-9902