PRESS RELEASE: Launches Campaign Calling on Carnival Cruises to End its Climate Pollution

PRESS RELEASE: Launches Campaign Calling on Carnival Cruises to End its Climate Pollution

Wednesday December 14, 2016

Releases report on climate impacts of cruise industry & deploys banner at Port of Long Beach Cruise Terminal

Contact: Laura Johnston, tel. 703-451-6780

Los Angeles - launched its campaign targeting Carnival Cruise Lines and the cruise industry today with a new report and an action at the Port of Long Beach Cruise Terminal where activists on a boat deployed a 10’ x 10’ banner reading, “Carnival Stop Polluting the Climate.” This campaign launches less than two weeks after Carnival received a $40 million fine from the US government - the largest fine ever for such behavior - for illegally dumping pollutants into the ocean.

"Carnival creates more climate pollution than any cruise company in the world,” said Todd Paglia, Executive Director of “Our climate is at the crisis point, and huge polluters like Carnival don’t get to stand on the sidelines any longer.” activists call for climate action.

An investigative report from finds:

  • Over the last decade, the world’s largest cruise companies have rapidly increased their climate pollution (GHG emissions). Carnival Cruises increased its climate pollution by 18% since 2005.
  • The pollution from all Carnival ships is equivalent to combined climate pollution for all the cars on the road in Alaska, Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Delaware and Rhode Island put together. 
  • Each Carnival passenger’s trip in North America results in three times the amount of climate pollution as flying. 
  • A worldwide list of country greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) shows that shipping produces more climate pollution than many major countries, including Canada, Germany, Brazil, South Korea and Mexico.

Recently Carnival Cruises was ordered by U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to pay a record $40 million penalty for illegally dumping contaminated waste and oil into the sea after a whistleblower exposed shortcuts that the company was taking between 2005 and 2013. The DOJ called it “the largest-ever criminal penalty involving deliberate vessel pollution." While Carnival assumed full responsibility, it has an opportunity and responsibility to do even more for climate responsible practices.

Cruise ships and the maritime shipping industry are among the fastest growing sources of climate pollution on the planet. If significant action is not taken, shipping will account for nearly 20% of global climate pollution by 2050. Cruise passengers have the right to know the true impact of their vacations:

  • Shipping is a fast growing source of climate pollution.
  • Cruise ships emit large volumes of GHGs that accelerate climate change. Despite their increasing climate pollution, they are: 

           --Exempt from the Paris Agreement on climate change
           -- Largely unregulated in their growing climate pollution
           -- Part of industry delays on climate change commitments

  • As an industry, cruises and the shipping industry are on track to increase climate pollution 250% by 2050. 

Carnival and industry leaders can reduce their TOTAL climate pollution to meet or beat the Paris Climate Agreement targets by:

  • Eliminating black carbon pollution that greatly accelerates snow and ice melt.
  • Reducing ozone and nitrogen oxide air pollution on all ships by installing catalytic reduction systems.
  • Switching to low-sulfur diesel fuel, and immediately end all heavy fuel oil use in Alaska and Arctic routes to avoid black carbon pollution.
  • In port, switching to shore power supplied by clean energy sources to reduce pollution that directly impacts the health of port communities.

Passengers and other concerned people can take a stand by doing three things immediately:

  1. Contact Carnival Cruises 1-800-764-7419 and ask them to stop polluting the climate.
  2. Write a review on of Carnival’s climate impact.
  3. Visit to send a letter to Carnival Cruises.                                      

Stand will remain at the Long Beach marina until sunset today. Media are invited to come by between 1-5pm PST for photo opportunities and interview. Please call Laura Johnston (see contact information above) to coordinate.

Read the report here.
Email for high-res, professional photographs of the banner action

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Laura Johnston, tel. 703-451-6780