statement on violent riots at US Capitol statement on violent riots at US Capitol

Thursday January 07, 2021

At, we unequivocally denounce white supremacy and its manifestation in all its forms, which we, alongside the rest of the world, bore witness to yesterday. 

For years, we’ve watched Donald Trump—alongside other politicians—fan the flames of hatred that emboldened rioters to incite yesterday’s violence and take hold of a democratic institution by force. On the day that Georgia elected its first ever Black Senator and Jewish Senator, rioters barged into the Capitol bearing racist symbols such as the Confederate flag, an Auschwitz hoodie, and nooses.

We also bore witness to the double standard in police response, and how disproportionate use of force is reserved for peaceful protestors seeking accountability for the murder of unarmed Black people. Meanwhile violent white domestic terrorists end up taking selfies with the police while inside our nation’s capital. 

Outgoing US President Donald Trump has threatened fundamental rights of the American people, and he intends to keep doing so in his final days in office by emboldening his base to incite violence. These injustices are not new, and this tipping point comes as no surprise. But it is nonetheless outrageous, and it doesn't make it any easier to watch democracy under attack. 

Every single person complicit in inciting yesterday’s violence and participating in it must be held criminally accountable.

And finally, we know that systems of racism extend outside US borders, including Canada, where a number of pro-Trump rallies popped up in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. All countries need to work to dismantle white supremacy.

Now is the time to do everything in our collective power to disrupt the systems that perpetuate racial injustice and white supremacy. Here are some D.C.-based groups you can support who are mobilizing around these issues:

If you can’t donate but use social media, please follow the accounts above and amplify their messages. You can also support Cori Bush’s petition demanding the resignation of the members of Congress who supported the attempted coup today.