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  • 143,000 people join growing ‘Too Dirty to Wear’ campaign, demand bold climate leadership from Levi’s Statement


    SAN FRANCISCO, CA — This Valentine’s Day, more than a dozen climate activists descended upon Levi’s headquarters in San Francisco to deliver a message of love: the iconic jean company should be a fashion industry leader in protecting our climate.

    “We’re here to send Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh a positive message: We love Levi’s jeans, but it’s time for the company to be a climate leader, not a climate laggard,” said Kristina Flores, Climate Campaigner at

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  • Justin Trudeau receives thousands of valentines from Americans brokenhearted by his love for pipelines Statement


    SAN FRANCISCO — More than 5,200 Americans so far have delivered cheeky digital valentines to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling on him to stop construction of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline. The digital valentines are part of the “Dearest Justin” campaign, which is crowdfunding to get its valentine-themed TV ad on air in Ottawa this spring.

    The valentine reads:

    My Dearest Justin,

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  • Arctic and Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO): Learnings from the Sanchi Oil Tanker Disaster Blog Post

    The Arctic is one of the world’s most pristine and delicate environments, and one of the most imperiled by climate change. To make matters worse, profiteering by the shipping industry is spreading a dark shadow over this amazing landscape. As the Arctic sea ice melts, shipping companies eager for shorter routes and larger profits are increasingly using Arctic routes and burning one of the world’s dirtiest fuels, heavy fuel oil (HFO) to power their ships.  HFO is highly viscous (very thick – think tar or blackstrap molasses). On land it is classified as hazardous waste.

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