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  • Dancing our way into Levi's hearts Blog Post

    We're dancing our way into Levi's hearts to urge them to clean up their act. Levi's jeans are #TooDirtyToWear.

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  • Arctic and Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO): Learnings from the Sanchi Oil Tanker Disaster Blog Post

    The Arctic is one of the world’s most pristine and delicate environments, and one of the most imperiled by climate change. To make matters worse, profiteering by the shipping industry is spreading a dark shadow over this amazing landscape. As the Arctic sea ice melts, shipping companies eager for shorter routes and larger profits are increasingly using Arctic routes and burning one of the world’s dirtiest fuels, heavy fuel oil (HFO) to power their ships.  HFO is highly viscous (very thick – think tar or blackstrap molasses). On land it is classified as hazardous waste.

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  • Starbucks' Dirty Secret Blog Post

    Trashed: Secret of the Starbucks Cup Report

    It’s 7am. You drag yourself out of bed, pull on your work clothes, brush your teeth and hop on the bus. You get off at your stop, and head to the nearest Starbucks for a cup of coffee to wake up your foggy brain. You sip the delicious, caffeinated concoction on your walk to work, and the cup’s empty by the time you arrive. You look for a place to toss it—but wait, do you throw it away or put it in a recycling bin?

    This is the story of the Starbucks cup.

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