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  • Whatcom County, WA proposes groundbreaking policies to protect community by limiting growth of fossil fuel projects Blog Post

    Cherry Point Whatcom County WA

    The leaders of a small county in northwest Washington State are taking bold action in 2019 to restrict growth of dirty fossil fuel projects in their community while safeguarding industry workers, the climate, and the economy — a move that could be mirrored by local governments across the U.S. under siege from fossil fuel expansion proposals in an era of dire climate change threats.

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  • Fridays with the Filthy Fashionista - Pilot Episode Blog Post

    Fridays with the Filthy Fashionista will bring you the latest in sustainable fashion news, sector trends addressing climate change and voices from fashion change makers around the globe. For this first episode we’re going to introduce you to the world of sustainable fashion and the Too Dirty to Wear campaign we launched almost two years ago with

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  • "We are better than this": Tzeporah Berman's speech to the Alberta Teachers' Association Blog Post

    Speaking at the Alberta Teachers' Association Conference, environmental advocate and deputy director Tzeporah Berman called out elected leaders and the oil industry for preventing a meaningful conversation on climate change at a time when Canada cannot meet its climate targets by allowing the continued expansion of oil sands. Watch the video and read the full script here.

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